• Milestone® Herbicide — Land Management

    Milestone ® herbicide is eled for consistent and dependable control of susceptible y brush and weeds. A liquid formulation, it delivers increased efficacy when tank-mixed. Milestone enhances control of tank mixes in nearly any application, and it improves hard and conifer control.

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  • Cheat sheet for Herbicide Mixtures

    MILESTONE 3 gallon backpack: .36oz Milestone ( =10.25grams) 15 gallon sprayer:1.8 oz Milestone 25 gallon sprayer: 3oz Milestone 50 gallon prayer: 6 oz Milestone Adjuvant/Surfactant Mixing Generally surfactants are mixed at 1 pint/50 gallons water unless otherwise stated. Examples: R-11 at 1 pint/50 gallons Syltac at 1 pint/50 gallons

  • Milestone® Herbicide — Pasture Management

    Low use rates. Milestone controls many annual, biennial and perennial weeds at low use rates (4 to 7 ounces per acre). It also provides excellent postemergence and season-long residual control. And it can be applied up to the water’s edge and control weeds where many species often thrive.

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  • Milestone Mix Rate Stark County, North Dakota

    Milestone Mix Rate. Milestone Mix Rate. Acres Milestone Surfactant Water. 1 7 oz. 6 oz. 10 gal. 2 14 oz. 12 oz. 20 gal. 3 21 oz. 18 oz. 30 gal. 4 28 oz. 24 oz. 40 gal. 5 35 oz. 30 oz. 50 gal. 6 42 oz. 36 oz. 60 gal. 7 49 oz. 42 oz. 70 gal. 8 56 oz. 48 oz. 80 gal. 9 63 oz. 54 oz. 90 gal. 10 70 oz. 60 oz. 100 gal.

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  • Milestone Herbicide Solutions Pest & Lawn

    May 11, 2014· The mix rate for Milestone Herbicide varies depending on the problem weed and the area you are looking to treat. Make sure not to exceed 7 oz. of Milestone applications per acre per year. To prepare the spray, add about half the required amount of water in the spray tank.

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  • What you should know about Milestone specialty herbicide

    Milestone controls eled weeds at rates of 3 to 7 fluid ounces per acre, which puts fewer pounds of active ingredient in the environment than industry standards. It controls many key broadleaf weed species at rates substantially lower than other currently What

  • How to Determine Herbicide Rates for My Sprayer Home

    How to Determine Herbicide Rates for My Sprayer. To determine if your sprayer is delivering the recommended amount of herbicide to kill weeds there are three rates you

  • Section 9. Technical Facts and Answers to Frequently Asked

    Jan 16, 2015· Can Milestone® herbicide be applied with spot treatments Yes, spot treatments may be made at an equivalent broadcast rate of up to 0.22 lb active ingredient (14 fl oz of Milestone) per acre per annual growing season; however, not more than 50% of an acre may be treated.

  • Herbicide Sprayer Calibration Guidelines — TechLine

    Jan 25, 2013· Assume you want to apply 5 fluid ounces of Milestone® herbicide per acre; the amount listed for your spray volume (GPA) and this application rate is 5 cc in each gallon of water. If you are filling a 3-gallon backpack sprayer take this amount times 3 and you would need to measure 15 cc ( with a syringe ) or 3 tsp (teaspoons) of Milestone for your 3 gallon mix.

  • How to calculate herbicide rates and calibrate herbicide

    How to calculate herbicide rates and calibrate herbicide applicators Uniformly applying chemicals at proper rates is essential for effective pest control. A slight variation in the application rate with some chemicals may result in poor control of the pest or injury to the crop or environment, causing lost time, effort and money.

  • Herbicide Sprayer Calibration Guidelines — TechLine

    Jan 25, 2013· Therefore, your spray volume is 30 GPA. Look at Table 1 for the amount of liquid herbicide to mix in 1 gallon of water. Assume you want to apply 5 fluid ounces of Milestone® herbicide per acre; the amount listed for your spray volume (GPA) and this application rate is

  • Milestone Specialty Herbicide, DOW Forestry

    Quick overview Milestone Specialty Herbicide is a new liquid formulation herbicide from Dow AgroSciences designed and developed specifically for use on rangeland and pastures to control noxious and invasive broadleaf species and other problem weeds. Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid 40.6% Herbicide Mode of Action: 4 EPA Signal Word: CAUTION / PRECAUCION

  • Mixing Chart for Liquid Herbicides

    Mixing Chart for Liquid Herbicides Solution Concentration 1 Gallon. 2.5 Gallon 25 Gallons: 50 Gallons 100 Gallons: 200 Gallons 0.50%: 0.6 1.6: 16 32

  • Crossbow Weed Killer Mix Ratio Home Guides SF Gate

    Dec 19, 2018· Crossbow Weed Killer Mix Ratio. Eliminating weeds in the lawn and pesky "volunteer" plants along fence rows or in other parts of your otherwise tidy

  • Stronger alternatives to Roundup Homesteading Forum

    Oct 05, 2012· Milestone is another good one that will kill off all the boradleaves in a pasture setting and lingers a while, mixed with Roundup it will kill everything. Roundup is not a good broadleaf weed killer. You need to mix 2,4D with it or buy the already mixed stuff. I forgot what the ratio is, but it is SUPER POTENT stuff. I wouldnt get it

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