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    Samarium-cobalt offers a balance of strength and temperature resistance. Strong and compact, these rare earth magnets resist corrosion and can handle higher temperatures than other rare earth magnets.. Warning: Maximum pull ratings are based on direct contact with rust-free and unpainted iron plate. Variations in material condition will significantly reduce these ratings.

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    A samarium–cobalt (SmCo) magnet, a type of rare earth magnet, is a strong permanent magnet made of two basic elements samarium and cobalt.. They were developed in the early 1960s based on done by Karl Strnat and Alden Ray at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Dayton, respectively.In particular, Strnat and Ray developed the first formulation of SmCo 5.

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    Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets have excellent temperature stability while maintaining their magnetic properties in extreme temperature conditions. They are well suited for technical applications where high-performance and magnetic strength is required in very high or low temperature environments. SmCo magnets are widely used in the automotive

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    Samarium –cobalt (SmCo) magnets SmCo gives a higher energy product ( BH max ) caused by its high residual flux density and coercivity. The Sm-Co magnets have higher Curie temperature (at which the material loses its magnetism) and a low temperature coefficient of coercivity and remanence but are very expensive and brittle.

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    Samarium cobalt magnets are a great cho when designing motors, generators or sensing systems. Unlike neodymium and even more importantly dysprosium which is used to give neodymium iron boron magnets higher temperature performance, there is an excess of samarium in the rare earth supply chain.

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    Samarium cobalt is a rare earth material made by a powder metallurgical process. Manufactured using binders such as epoxy, samarium cobalt magnets are inherently very brittle. Users are discouraged from grinding material because dry remnants are a fire hazard.

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    Samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo) are composed of samarium, cobalt and iron. These rare earth magnets are extremely strong for their small size and are the second-strongest type of permanent magnet made. Their max energy product is at least three times that of alnico 8

  • Recovery of Rare Metals from the Sludge of Samarium-Cobalt

    In another method, samarium was recovered from the sludge of a samarium-cobalt magnetic alloy by a chemical vapor transport method [12, 13]. This method requires high temperature and a special

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    Samarium-Cobalt Magnets (SmCo) are produced by sintering and can only be processed by grinding, due to the strength and brittle of the material. The temperature range goes up to + 250 °C. Disadvantages are the high raw material ps and the limited avaiility of

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    Samarium Cobalt Magnets, developed in the 1960’s are still commonly used today because of their excellent characteristics at very high temperatures. SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 are the two main compositions of this material. They are slightly less powerful than NdFeB magnets, however they are extremely resistant to demagnetization and have the lowest

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    SAMARIUM COBALT . SAFETY DATA SHEET . DATE OF LAST REVISION: 07/01/15. Section 1: Identification . Product Name: Samarium Cobalt . CAS Number: 12017-68-4 / EC Number: 231-625-7 . Company: Angstrom Sciences, Inc. 40 South Linden Street . Duquesne, PA 15110 . For more information call: 412-469-8466 (Monday Friday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM EST)

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    samarium-cobalt PM materials that were developed in the early 1970’s. Th ese new materials and design ideas led to several important developments of PM devs for beam transport and manipulation. II. RARE EARTH PM MATERIALS Subsequently, other important rare earth based materials have been developed, e.g. Neodymium-Boron-Iron. Figure

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    Samarium Cobalt Bonded Magnets Feature: Part No.: BSMPC-01 Type: Permanent Composite: Samarium Cobalt Magnet (SmCo Magnet) Size: Custom Application: Motors, Devs, Printers, Sensors, CD/DVD ROM and so on. Packing: cartons / pallets Delivery Date: 10-18 days Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Means of Transport: Ocean, Air

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    The North America samarium cobalt magnets market is currently being driven by several factors. Samarium cobalt magnets are widely utilized in sensors, computer hard drives, AC servomotors, actuators, bias magnets, ultrasonic transducers, traveling wave tubes and high performance motors.

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    contact details. 199, avenue d’Uriage 38830 Saint Pierre d’Allevard FRANCE Phone : +33 4 76 45 98 81 E-mail : [email protected]

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    contact details. 199, avenue d’Uriage 38830 Saint Pierre d’Allevard FRANCE Phone : +33 4 76 45 98 81 E-mail : [email protected]

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    Jun 28, 1996· LABEL IDENTITY Samarium Cobalt Magnet CHEMICAL NAME/SYNONYMS Samarium Cobalt Magnet FORMULA SmCo HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS %: TLV: OSHA/PEL: Samarium 30-40 not yet determined not yet determined Cobalt 60-80 0.1mg/m3 0.1mg/m3 Other rare earth’s 0-5 not yet determined not yet determined