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    The modern Chinese varieties make frequent use of what are called classifiers or measure words.One use of classifiers is when a noun is qualified by a numeral known as a noun phrase.When a phrase such as "one person" or "three books" is translated into Chinese, it is normally necessary to insert an appropriate classifier between the numeral and the noun.

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    In the tables, the first and second columns contain the Chinese character representing the classifier, in traditional and simplified versions when they differ. The third column gives the pronunciation in Standard (Mandarin) Chinese, using pinyin; the fourth gives the Cantonese pronunciation, using Yale romanization; and the fifth the Minnan pronunciation (Taiwan).

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    Dec 06, 2016· Classifiers. Now that we’ve reviewed numbers, we can get going on our main talking point: classifiers. In Chinese, when formulating numeric or quantitative expressions, such as “two books”, “three notebooks”, “five pens”, the number must be followed by a character which is traditionally called a classifier.

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    Feb 13, 2016· Commonly Used Classifiers . Although there are thousands of classifiers for use, we compiled a list of commonly used classifiers that you would encounter, or need to use, in your pract. 包 (bāo): applied when objects are grouped by pouches or bags. 杯 (bēi): used to quantity liquids by cups. 只(zhī): 1) addresses one of a pair, 2

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    UsageTypesRelation to NounsPurposeHistorySee AlsoExternal LinksClassifier phrasesHistorical linguists have found that phrases consisting of nouns and numbers went through several structural changes in Old Chinese and Middle Chinese before classifiers appeared in them. The earliest forms may have been Number – Noun, like English (i.e. "five horses"), and the less common Noun – NClassifier wordsMost modern count-classifiers are derived from words that originally were free-standing nouns in older varieties of Chinese, and have since been grammaticalized to become bound morphemes. In other words, count-classifiers tend to come from words that once had specific meaning but lost it (a process kGeneral classifiersHistorically, 个 gè was not always the general classifier. Some believe it was originally a noun referring to bamboo stalks, and gradually expanded in use to become a classifier for many things with "vertical, individual, [or] upright qualit[ies]", eventually becoming a general classifier because it was used so freq在self.gutenberg上查看更多信息
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  • List of Chinese classifiers Wikipedia

    In the tables, the first and second columns contain the Chinese character representing the classifier, in traditional and simplified versions when they differ. The third column gives the pronunciation in Standard (Mandarin) Chinese, using pinyin; the fourth gives the Cantonese pronunciation, using Yale romanization; and the fifth the Minnan pronunciation (Taiwan).

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    general comments. ge4 should probably have some greater prominence in the article since it's the most important of the measure words as a general catchall —Preceding unsigned comment added by 00:27, 31 January 2009 (UTC). When I was living in China, from 1996 to 1998 the word "jīn", under "Weight/mass" was used colloquially as equivalent to 1KG, not one pound.

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    Verb + Classifier + Noun (e.g. 买匹马,洗个脸) is pretty common, it conveys some indefiniteness (as opposed to e.g. 买一匹马, which sounds more like it's describing a specific event of buying a specific horse) while still talking about an event rather than a general activity (i.e., it's different from 买马, which in many contexts

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